The Pharma system is an ingenious cold seal walleting and packaging process.

It is designed to address the problems of packaging clinical and pharmaceutical wallets in an efficient and controlled process.

It combines simplicity of use, guaranteed sealing and the ability to keep a record of the sealing parameters.

The unique advantage of our pharma system is that only pressure is required to make a solid cardboard bond. Clinical wallets and other pharmaceutical packaging are therefore simple to use and cost effective. By eliminating heat, HF radiation and dwell time, unprecedented production efficiency and controllability can be achieved in the packaging process.

The cold seal technology utilises pressure sensitive adhesive which is applied directly to the reverse of a conventional wallet format. The wallets can then be sealed by a variety of machines ranging from a manual format to a fully automatic system. No heat is used in the process therefore the application is particularly suited to the packing of heat-sensitive tablets
and capsules.

The three machine formats are as follows:

JIGGLE ROLLER - Manually operated machine, easy and simple to use.

ROTARY PRESS - This machine is designed to suit specific packing requirements for clinical trials. This involves the placement of various
drugs / forms into the same wallet.

SPEEDPRESS    - Linear packaging machines, available in a variety of semi-automatic and fully-automatic versions. This range of machinery can be configured to offer the best possible solution for your requirements.